Overview of Members’ services

The tables below give an indication of the methods, sectors and geographical footprint of the Age Verification sector.

  1. Methods of Age Verification available
  2. Online Sectors Served
  3. Age Assurance  for Children
  4. Physical Use Cases Available
  5. Geographic Capabilities
  6. Audit member services

As AV providers develop their services constantly, please visit their individual websites or make contact with them directly for the latest news from each.¬† Links are available from Members’ dedicated pages on this site, which are accessible by clicking the logos above.


1.Methods of Age Verification available

Government Identity Documents

Mobile Phone Record

Credit Reference Agency

Biometric Age Estimation

Credit Cards

Physical Check

Liveness Check

Open Banking

2.Online Sectors served


Vaping  &  tobacco

Offensive Weapons

Gambling & Gaming



3. Age Assurance for children

Social Media (13+)

Other ages below 18

Parental Consent

4. Physical use-cases available

Licensed Premises

Retail staffed tills

Self Service tills

Vending Machines

In-aisle purchase

Click & Collect Lockers

5. Geographic capabilities*

North America

South America





Audit Members

6. Audit Member services

Retail Test Purchasing

Retail Gambling

Pubs, bars, restaurants &  clubs

Cinema & Body Modification

Online content

e-Commerce (human)

e-Commerce (avatar)

AV System Certification