Current Region:

Innovative Technology

Method of Age Verification: Facial Age Estimation

Sectors: Not applicable


Audit Services: Not Applicable

Physical Use Cases: Age Estimation, Age Estimation - Access to Premises, Self-Service Tills

Age Assurance for Children:

Method of Age Verification: Age estimation based on Artifical Intelligence algorithms. ICU runs all algorithms locally on the ICU hardware – which requires no internet connection. This result in a total off-line solution with unlimited age reads for a single one-off cost. There is also an option for access to an API for a total software solution.

Sectors: Alcohol, Vaping & Tobacco, Offensive Weapons (knives, corrosive substances), Gambling & Gaming, Dating, Social Media, Pornography, Live Streaming

Geography: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia

Physical Use Cases: Integration into major EPOS systems, Self service tills, Dispensing/vending terminals, Click & Collect lockers, lottery terminals, Gaming/gambling terminals, age restricted mobile apps

Age Assurance for Children: Any age threshold can be defined ie U13, U18, U21, U25