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Method of Age Verification: Government Issued ID, Reusable Digital ID, Open Banking, Credit Card Check, Mobile Telephone Records, Facial Age Estimation, Voice Age Estimation, Professional Vouching

Sectors: Social Media (13/18), Dating, Adult Content (viewers), Gambling & Betting, Computer Gaming, e-Commerce Plugins


Audit Services: Not Applicable

Physical Use Cases: Not Applicable

Age Assurance for Children: Not Applicable is an integration and orchestration platform for age verification services, offering a comprehensive solution to ensure compliance with age restrictions while preserving user privacy.


Our solution provides optimal flexibility for content or service providers and their users by offering various age or majority verification options, all while guaranteeing utmost respect for their privacy.

Acting as a trusted third party, our platform ensures triple privacy protection in accordance with French CNIL’s recommendations:

  • The website or service requiring age verification can confirm that the user is of legal age without accessing their identity.
  • The age verification provider may potentially know the user’s identity but does not have access to information about the visited site.
  • Our platform securely transmits age verification to the site without having knowledge of the user’s identity.
  • Thus, none of the parties involved possess both the user’s identity and the details of the visited site. We utilize the concept of group signatures, developed as an open-source solution by CNIL’s digital innovation lab, to further enhance data privacy.

In addition to guaranteeing user confidentiality, our solution also enables digital identity providers to access a large user base in France, creating new market opportunities.

Trust for secure age verification that respects privacy and complies with the highest standards.