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Method of Age Verification: Government Issued ID

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Audit Services: Not Applicable

Physical Use Cases: Not Applicable

Age Assurance for Children: Not Applicable

IDVerse is focused on making user verification effortless through technology. We build intelligent tools that protect users from identity fraud while enabling a seamless user experience.

We’re focused on removing the burden of identity verification for our customers so you can focus on scaling your business without the compliance and operational overheads.

Frustrated by authentication solutions that didn’t do what they claimed, we set out to develop an identity verification solution ourselves, from scratch.

We spent five years building our own end-to-end ID verification solution in our dedicated laboratories, before launching it in late 2018.

We’re a team of 150+ all focused on one mission—making user verification effortless. It’s our diversity of backgrounds, skills, and experience which allows us to build the future of identity verification.

We have offices in the UK, the US, Turkey, Australia with more opening soon

Knowing your customer’s age can prevent inappropriate access—and create new opportunities.

Age-Based Access Control

Provide objective and non-invasive determination of the age of users seeking access to a specific physical or virtual domain.

Age Group and Exact Age Estimation

Get either an estimate of a user’s age or exact age, depending on privacy requirements.

Age Progression and Regression

Estimate how users will look in the future or looked in the past, to match live faces with aged ID documents.

Deepfake Defender™

Flag fake, underage users; block potential attacks from synthetic media or generative AI.

Age-Adaptive Human Machine Interaction (HCI)

Automatically adjust user interfaces for different groups, from increased font sizes for older users to icon-based interfaces for young users.