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US state age assurance laws for social media

As of June 2024, 10 states have passed laws requiring children’s access to social media be restricted or parental consent gained. 3 more are currently injuncted.

This page is intended as general guidance, not legal advice, and information is believed to be correct at the time of writing (June 2024) – digital services should seek professional advice from qualified attorneys.

1.      Connecticut Connecticut General Assembly, SB 3 1st July 2023
2.      Louisiana Act 456 1st July 2024
3.      Texas HB 18 1st September 2024
4.      Maryland Consumer Protection – Online Products and Services – Data of Children (Maryland Kids Code), HB603

Consumer Protection – Online Products and Services – Data of Children (Maryland Kids Code), SB571

1st October 2024




1st October 2024

5.      Utah HB 464

SB 194

1st October 2024

1st October 2024

6.      Tennessee HB 1891 1st January 2025
7.      Florida HB 3 1st July 2025
8.      Georgia SB 351 1st July 2025
9.      Minnesota MN HF3488


1st July 2025
10.  Arkansas Social Media Safety Act Currently Injuncted
11.  Ohio Parental Notification by Social Media Operators Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 1349.09 Currently Injuncted
12.  California The California Age-Appropriate Design Code ActAB-2273 Currently Injuncted

July 1, 2023

Connecticut SB 3: Requires social media platforms gain parental consent before allowing minors to open accounts.

1st July 2024

Louisiana Act 456: Requires social media platforms to impose limitations and restrictions on certain accounts, implement age verification for account holders, and obtain parental consent.

1st September 2024

Texas HB 18: requires digital service providers such as social media platforms to get consent from a parent or guardian before entering into an agreement with minors younger than 18, including to create an account.

1st October 2024

Maryland Kids Code: requires social media platforms to set default high privacy settings for users under 16, ban the collection of children’s data for personalised content, ensure age-appropriate design, implement age verification, and obtain parental consent for younger users.

Utah HB 464 & SB 194: The Social Media Regulation Act requires parental consent for minors to create social media accounts and mandates age verification by social media companies. It also restricts social media use between 10:30 PM and 6:30 AM for users under 18 without parental consent​.

1st January 2025

Tennessee HB 1891: Requires social media companies to verify the age of users attempting to create or maintain accounts. It mandates that platforms obtain parental consent for minors under 18 and enforces stricter privacy and safety measures for these users. The law aims to protect minors from potential online harms by ensuring that social media companies comply with these new regulations​.

1st July 2025

Florida HB 3: Requires social media platforms to verify users’ ages, obtain parental consent for users under 18, protect minors’ personal data, and limit their exposure to harmful content.

Georgia SB 351: Known as the “Protecting Georgia’s Children on Social Media Act of 2024,” requires social media platforms to implement age verification processes for users, mandates parental consent for minors to create accounts, and restricts social media use in schools.

Minnesota MN HF3488: Sets rules for compensating minors who contribute to online content creation. It requires content creators to keep records and set aside earnings for minors, and it allows for legal action against violators. Also mandates the removal of content featuring minors upon request.