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Method of Age Verification: Government Issued ID, Reusable Digital ID, Open Banking, Credit Reference / Report, Electoral Registration, Mobile Telephone Records, Facial Age Estimation

Sectors: Social Media (13/18), Dating, Adult Content (viewers), Alcohol, Vaping, Gambling & Betting, Computer Gaming, e-Commerce Plugins


Audit Services: Not Applicable

Physical Use Cases: Digital Proof of Age Retail, Age Estimation, Digital Proof of Age Hospitality, Age Estimaiton - Access to Premises, EPOS integration, Self-Service Tills, Vending / Betting Machines, Delivery checks

Age Assurance for Children: Adult Performer Consent, Reusable Digitial Identity, Gambling KYC

Luciditi™ is a Reusable Digital Identity Platform with a specific focus on Age proofing technology.  It can be applied to a wide range of industry sectors, in particular those effected by new legislation such as the UK Online Safety Act 2023.

Luciditi Age Assurance provides the required “highly effective” anonymous age checking for online interactions.  Websites and Apps can easily differentiate between adults and children with minimal friction using AI based Age Estimation as well as alternative methods such as Mobile Banking, Digital ID, ID Document Scanning.  Unobtrusive behind-the-scenes KYC-style checks can also be performed using name, address and mobile phone (country dependent).

  • Completely Anonymous using blind or double-blind information flows (no PII retained)
  • Built-In Fraud Detection (Liveness, Biometric Matching, Fake ID Doc Detection)

You can watch the Luciditi Age Assurance trailer at

Luciditi Age Proof reduces friction for end-users when proving their age in person using ‘Luciditi Age Proof’, the UK’s first PASS approved Digital Proof of Age Card.  Acceptors digitally verify Age ID cards by scanning a QR code with a smartphone camera – no app required – visit the dedicated Age Proof website for more details at

Integrate Luciditi using Rest API, JS SDK or WordPress Plugin or simply use it standalone via Web or Mobile app.

Luciditi Features Include:

  • Age Assurance (Age Estimation and Verification)
  • Re-usable Digital Identity (Personal Data Store & App)
  • Identity Verification as a Service (UK DIATF)
  • Real-time Consent (Remote and In Person)
  • Real-time Data Exchange (Remote and In Person)
  • Certified Digital Credentials (PASS Digital Proof of Age for 16+)
  • Custom Digital Credentials
  • Passwordless Authentication (FIDO2)

Luciditi™ is a brand name of Arissian Ltd