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To join the AVPA, please complete the form below.

Your organisation will need to agree to comply with our Code of Conduct and maybe subject to due diligence checks against this Code by the Association or its agents before membership is accepted. 

(Provisional membership is available where an applicant is not compliant at the point at which they join but commits to becoming compliant within an agreed period  of no more than 12 months.  Provisional Membership is clearly noted on the Members page.)

Please review the Rules of the Association before you join.

The AVPA is a non-profit company limited by guarantee. Subscription fees  are set annually to divide its operating costs between the Members.

The day-to-day management of the Association’s activities is overseen by an Executive Committee, elected by the Full Members.

  • To be eligible to join as a full member, your organisation will need to be providing or wishing to provide third-party age verification services. 
  • Associate members (non-voting) provide supporting services, upstream and downstream, to AV providers so are not required to comply directly with the Code of Conduct, but are expected to support the AV providers they work with in maintaining compliance.
  • We have a specific auditor membership category for companies providing test  purchasing, audit and  certification services to preserve their independence (non-voting).

We are also pleased to affiliate with other bodies from around the world which share an interest in age assurance.


To begin your membership application or to request further information, please complete the form below.


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