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We offer a range of membership types, designed to maximise the involvement of organisations with an interest in our work, while retaining our core focus on the interests of those actively delivery age and identity verification services.

  • To be eligible to join as a Full member, your organisation will need to be providing or wishing to provide third-party age verification services. 
  • Associate members (non-voting) provide supporting services to AV providers so are not required to comply directly with the Code of Conduct, but are expected to support the AV providers they work with in maintaining compliance.
  • We have a specific Auditor membership category for companies providing test  purchasing, audit and  certification services to preserve their independence (non-voting).
  • Information membership is open to organisations with an interest in the work of the Association.  They are invited to quarterly update meetings where they are consulted on current activities and receive a monthly summary of our work
  • We are also pleased to welcome Affiliate members – other bodies from around the world which share an interest in age assurance.

Please review the Rules of the Association before you join. Your organisation will need to agree to comply with our Code of Conduct and maybe subject to due diligence checks against this Code by the Association or its agents before membership is accepted. 

(Provisional membership is available where an applicant is not compliant at the point at which they join but commits to becoming compliant within an agreed period  of no more than 12 months.  Provisional Membership is clearly indicated on this site.)

The AVPA is a non-profit company limited by guarantee. Subscription fees are set annually to divide its operating costs proportionately between the Members.

The day-to-day management of the Association’s activities is overseen by an Executive Committee and two co-chairs, elected by the Full Members.

2022 Fees 

Start-ups (first year of trading)

£250 / quarter

Standard Membership (including associate and audit members)

Smaller Organisations

£5,000 per annum, payable in two instalments of £2,500.

Larger Organisations (group has >100 employees or >£10m turnover)*

£10,000 per annum, payable in two instalments of £5,000.

Information Members

£2,500 per annum for Smaller Organisations; £5000 for Larger Organisations

Affiiate Members

Usually mutual membership arrangments; otherwise as per Information Members



  • Memberships are on the basis of an annual contract to allow for resource planning. 
  • Fees are reviewed on 1 January of each year, and applied for the 12 months of membership beginning in that year.
  • Ad hoc projects may be agreed by Members funded through supplementary contributions from all or a sub-set of interested members.
  • (*currently excludes founding members who joined before 2021)




To begin your membership application or to request further information, please complete the form below.


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