Current Region:

Sure Social, Inc

Method of Age Verification: Government Issued ID

Sectors: Social Media (13/18), Dating, Adult Content (viewers), Alcohol, Vaping, Gambling & Betting, Computer Gaming, e-Commerce Plugins


Audit Services: Not Applicable

Physical Use Cases: Not Applicable

Age Assurance for Children: Reusable Digitial Identity, Gambling KYC

Privacy-Preserving Identity for the Social Web is a user-paid verified identity service that lets account holders safely share verified identity claims anywhere online. It is 100% free for communities and websites that want to offer a privacy-preserving alternative to users.

For Communities

Add SURE Tag support to your community’s user profiles and verify user age with a simple, free web call. SURE Tags link to identity profiles containing verified identity claims. SURE Tags are 100% privacy preserving: once provisioned, no user’s SURE Tag can be linked back to them or to any other identity profiles they create, not even by us, and nothing is sent to our server during lookup that could identify the community or username.

Verified users are deduplicated and can only create one identity per community, even if they change their username.

For Websites supports free, easy to integrate double-blind “ad hoc” age verification. Each verification session is unique and completely privacy preserving. Nothing is sent to our servers that could identify the verifying website, and nothing is returned from our server that could identify the user or be used to track them across multiple sessions.

Our “ad hoc” age verification service is free for verifying websites. Meet your age verification compliance needs without getting a bill from us.

For Users

Keep yourself safe online, and let others know you care about their safety. Use your SURE Tags on any social media platform or in any community with or without integration. Get verified once then skip the KYC line at any participating website. And ask anyone to sign up and prove they’re a real person to you.