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Method of Age Verification: Open Banking

Sectors: Dating, Adult Content (viewers), Alcohol, Vaping, Gambling & Betting, Computer Gaming, e-Commerce Plugins


Audit Services: Not Applicable

Physical Use Cases: Not Applicable

Age Assurance for Children: Gambling KYC

Real-time age verification that’s speedy, simple and safe

Be confident your business and your customers are safe with our legally compliant, no-document-uploads-necessary age verification.

What is OneID®?

OneID® lets users prove their age online using the data stored by their bank through the power of Open Banking.

Our age verification process is simple: before buying age-restricted products or services online, users verify themselves by logging into their online banking. Once verified, users are transferred straight back to their checkout journey where their age has been verified.

Stop compromising – age verification can be speedy AND safe

OneID® outperforms other age verification solutions as it uses information already verified and stored by users’ banks.

This means:
Your business is protected, meeting legal requirements and truly knowing your customers are the correct age.
Your customers can verify their age in real-time. Without any document uploads, fiddly forms or live selfies to prove their age, your customers can get back to their checkout journey within seconds after verifying their age through their banking app.

Easy integration for all businesses

To top it all off, integration takes only minutes, and our team are always on-hand to help with anything you need. OneID® is available via the official Shopify and WooCommerce extension stores, and our team can help with custom integrations if your site sits elsewhere.

OneID® is a trading name of Digital Identity Net U.K Ltd