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Method of Age Verification: Government Issued ID, Credit Reference / Report, Facial Age Estimation

Sectors: Social Media (13/18), Dating, Adult Content (viewers), Alcohol, Vaping, Gambling & Betting


Audit Services: Not Applicable

Physical Use Cases: Not Applicable

Age Assurance for Children: Not Applicable

Incode Technologies is a leader in the identity trust revolution, backed by
investors including General Atlantic, CapitalOne, Coinbase, DN Capital,
Framework Venture Partners, and 3L. At Incode, we’re redefining the
landscape of identity verification, KYB, and KYC with our in-house developed
state-of-the-art AI and ML technologies.


Stay compliant without requiring unnecessary information or manual data
entry that can cause up to 60% of users to drop-out of your sign-up flow. That’s
because traditional age checks are commonly considered intrusive and
annoying. Incode offers three painless ways to verify a user’s age without
hurting the user experience.

Age Estimation

User age estimated in seconds with a quick biometric selfie. Benefit from a
99.9% true positive rate, the highest in the industry.

Document Based Verification

A two-step process combining document validation and a selfie.

Database Verification

Layer in a comprehensive check when needed that verifies users’ details
against a vast database.

Our platform’s efficiency is reflected in our performance metrics – 98% of
users are verified on the first try, with an average time of just 1.5 seconds to
verify users. This efficiency translates to substantial savings, with $170M saved
annually through prevented fraud. Over 100 million users are verified with
Incode each year, demonstrating our global reach and trust.