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Age Check Certification Scheme

Method of Age Verification: Not Applicable

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Audit Services: Physical test purchasing, Online test purchasing, Age Estimation testing, Standards Certification, PASS Certification

Physical Use Cases: Not Applicable

Age Assurance for Children: Not Applicable

We test that age check systems work

The Age Check Certification Scheme is an independent 3rd party certification scheme for providers of age restricted goods, content or services. We test that age check systems work. The scheme can be utilised to provide full conformity assessment in accordance with all aspects of age restricted sales. Our scheme, backed by the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund, have developed an award-winning Android & iOS App, deployed to 18/19 year old test purchasers throughout all of the UK postcode areas – enabling us to offer a fully configurable test purchasing service for our clients.

We’ve built a state-of-the-art Age Check Test Studio where we can scientifically examine age check systems and equipment in different environments and using hundreds of presentation attack instruments to ensure that all appropriate anti-spoofing controls are in place. We’ve also developed a specialist Age Appropriate Design and GDPR Certification Scheme designed specifically for those providing age restricted goods, content and services.

Test Purchasing

We carry out test purchasing online and offline using our vetted, trained crew of mystery shoppers

  • Retail & Licensed Premises – Our test purchasers can visit retail stores, supermarkets, c-stores and many more premises to check that staff are appropriately checking young customers for ID
  • Licensed Hospitality – Our test purchasers can visit pubs, clubs, nightclubs, restaurants and any licensed hospitality premises to check that staff are appropriately checking young customers for ID
  • Gambling – Our test purchasers can visit gambling premises online and offline to check that staff and age verification systems are appropriately checking young customers for ID
  • Adult Content – Our systems can test whether or not young people could be exposed to adult content online, this could be pornographic, violent or inappropriate content
  • E-Commerce – We can test your online age verification systems in e-commerce systems, online market places or age verified delivery services to make sure that systems are appropriately challenging customers to prove their age
  • Body Modification – We can test that young customers cannot access body modification services such as piercing, tattoos, special treatments and teeth whitening without being challenged for ID

Systems Certification

We test that age check systems work through evaluation, analysis and testing

Signs & Materials

We provide a comprehensive range of posters, banners, stickers and badges to support your age verification policies

Learning Zone

We provide training and qualifications for retail staff, compliance officers and law enforcement officers


We carry out original research to develop knowledge and assess improvements to age check laws and practice

Policy Development

We lead age check policy development through our engagement with industry, consumers, governments and regulators

GDPR Certification

Our new certification scheme which will allow you to demonstrate that your business is compliant with the Age Appropriate Design Code is at the final stages of the approval process within the ICO, and is open for initial enquiries.  Please register your interest here.