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Method of Age Verification: Government Issued ID, Reusable Digital ID, Open Banking, Credit Card Check, Mobile Telephone Records, Facial Age Estimation, Professional Vouching, Other (see Member's page)

Sectors: Social Media (13/18), Dating, Age-Appropriate Design (2-17), Adult Content (viewers), Alcohol, Vaping, Gambling & Betting, Computer Gaming, e-Commerce Plugins, Other (see Member's page)


Audit Services: Not Applicable

Physical Use Cases: Not Applicable

Age Assurance for Children: Parental Consent (COPPA, GDPR), Reusable Digitial Identity

PRIVO is the leading global industry expert in minors’ online privacy, identity, and consent management.

The PRIVO iD Platform helps companies block or engage responsibly with minors in websites, apps & digital services. The PRIVO iD Platform offers a suite of identity verification and authentication methods that are COPPA and GDPR compliant, in addition to consent and account management services. The platform was designed with children’s privacy, data protection and security at its core.


PRIVO is a women-owned business with a team of industry experts positioned globally who have first-hand experience with the regulatory challenges facing companies and have developed solutions and best practices to overcome those hurdles enabling companies to legally and safely engage with children, teens, and families online.


Age & Identity Verification

PRIVO can identify your users with a combination of age and role-based tools to properly categorize the compliant registration flow and level of parental consent needed. Multiple online and offline verification methods (e.g., credit card, last 4 digital of your social security number, driver’s license, print form, phone, etc.) are available. Users that already have an existing Verified PRIVO iD account can authenticate to PRIVO’s verification widget saving them time & effort.


PRIVO can send a signal to subscribing companies that a device being used by a minor of a verified age or protected age range is at the digital front or back door of their app or service.


Your requirements determine which methods display to your users. PRIVO’s verification widget can be offered stand alone or embedded into PRIVO’s identity suite. As an FTC approved COPPA Safe Harbor, PRIVO is authorized to sanction new identity and consent mechanisms that can be relied upon for COPPA, GDPR and maintaining FERPA compliance. Work with PRIVO to design your own method.


Age Assurance for Children: U13, 13+, U18, 16+, 18+, 21+, Parental Consent


Verifiable Parental Consent

Gaining verifiable parental consent can be a burden, but PRIVO makes it easier for all. PRIVO offers just-in-time consent, providing a framework with various methods for identity verification on a sliding scale and relationship assurance levels, complying with regulations like COPPA, GDPR and the Children’s Code.


PRIVO lets you assign the level of consent on a feature-by-feature basis. PRIVO’s consent services include Direct Notice & Opt-Out, Notice & Opt-In, Email Plus, and ID Proofed Verifiable Consent, offering various mechanisms at each level. Work with one of PRIVO’s experts to align the capabilities with your needs.