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Serve Legal

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Audit Services: Physical test purchasing, Online test purchasing, Age Estimation testing

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Serve Legal is the market leading provider of independent AV and compliance auditing services in the UK & Ireland. We deliver robust audit programmes for leading businesses across many sectors including grocery retail, gambling , hospitality & leisure, online delivery and sports broadcasters. Our highly accurate auditing data is recognised as a leading compliance currency, helping our clients improve performance and protect their risks with revenue, customers and responsible retailing reputation.

We have a developed a vibrant nationwide community of specialist young adult auditors to stress test both age-related and broader retail compliance standards. All enjoy training, mentoring and development in a flexible role and get paid to explore their local area. In return, we expect a great eye for detail and excellent reporting and communication skills. Our unique sector benchmark services are used successfully to drive performance forward.

Age Verification auditing service

Serve Legal is the UK’s leading ID testing company. We perform over 150,000 audits a year for national retailers, leisure operators and broadcasters. Our service is used as best practice and as a highly trusted ‘currency’ of responsible trading is used as due diligence by legal professionals. We enable companies to independently test that their/or supplier’s staff are checking the ID of young customers across the full range of in store and online (click n collect-delivery) age restricted services – an approach supported by regulators and local authorities. Our service is flexible and is successfully used to check all age-restricted products and services.

Wider audit & compliance services

Serve Legal’s accurate audit service also helps companies to independently check and improve compliance across a range of important operational areas, including: customer allergen safety, customer service & complaints; queue management; product code and date checking; point of sale, promotional and pricing compliance; digital media and sports broadcast compliance; and legal notice and license compliance.

10 great reasons to use Serve Legal

  • High quality, accurate independent auditing programmes
  • Enhance your responsible retailing approach
  • Protect your business against risks to fines, lost revenue and reputational damage
  • Check and improve your staff’s compliance performance
  • Independently measure a wide range of other compliance areas
  • Used by the UK’s leading retailers and approved by Trading Standards
  • Proven to improve operational performance and compliance
  • Benchmark performance against your sector and competitors
  • A low cost and best practice service
  • We follow international information security best practices (ISO 27001)

Our Coverage

  • We can audit any location in the UK & Ireland
  • 3,000 highly trained & directly managed auditors doing c.16,000 audits every month
  • 100% delivery with reliable and accurate data
  • Reports delivered within 24-48 hours
  • Access to a bespoke dashboard with live scoring & benchmarking
  • Flexibility to check different and new processes