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Membership to AVPA is open to businesses that provide age verification services to organisations needing to verify the age of their customers.  All  members must abide by our Code of Conduct.

Our members provide age verification services to organisations around the globe, providing millions of checks annually, across a diverse range of industries.

Membership enquiries: for details of how to join, please click here.

Age verification extends across  several converging channels

  • Online purchases of goods and services
  • Access to online content
  • Self-services purchases from tills and vending machines
  • Click and collect purchase arrangements
  • Digital proof of age (presented on a smartphone) in a physical environment

AVPA members provide solutions for any number of these.  An overview  of their services is provided on our Members page, and further detail on each Member,  provided by them, is available on their dedicated, individual pages on this website.


The AVPA also arranges online sales showcases for other trade associations’ members, or major potential clients, where AVPA members  present their solutions at the start of the procurement process.


Membership enquiries: please use the form above.

Press enquiries: 07811 409769

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