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What is age verification?

In this section, you will find case studies about the latest legislation and how regulators are applying it to create a safer experience online for children around the globe.

The AVPA can also provide advice, evidence and witnesses for enquiries and reports considering the questions and challenges  of a connected world.

Information for policy-makers and regulators

Age verification is a critical foundation to the regulation of the internet.  You can’t protect the rights of the child online if the websites and applications you regulate have no knowledge of the age of their users.

We aim to provide information helpful to regulators with responsibilities for preventing online harms to children and young people.

Simply by recommending or requiring that age checks are conducted by a member of the Age Verification Providers Association, you will already be implementing leading global technical, ethical and privacy standards. 


“The Home Office advises that anyone selling alcohol online or by phone should already be taking all reasonable steps to verify age at the point of sale in order to avoid committing an offence of selling alcohol to a child.  PAS 1296 is a good point of reference for these steps.”
United Kingdom Home Office, May 2020

The UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport is working with the AVPA, the Digital Policy Alliance, the Age Check Certification Scheme and other stakeholders to agree  an international (ISO) standard to build on the success of BSI PAS 1296:2018. 

Setting the global standard for rigorous online age verification

All full AVPA Members are required to sign up to a Code of Conduct which addresses key requirements regulators should wish to see from suppliers of online age verification services:

Fairness and transparency

Use of appropriate verification methods

Security and privacy