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euCONSENT – explaining the tech behind the EU’s new age checking network

December 23, 2021

The AVPA is a member of the euCONSENT consortium, a European Commission funded project to create a network of age verification providers so once you’ve done an age check once, it can be repeatedly used on many other websites, often without you needing to take any further action to verify your age again.

In this video, we seek to explain in a relatively non-technical way, how this solution will work.

The project will be running a pilot early in 2022, with the aim of launching the service in the summer.

For more information, visit the website and sign up for regular updates.

Privacy; a foundational concept for age verification

Privacy; a foundational concept for age verification

Perhaps the most frequent concern raised about age verification is a risk to privacy.  But the essence of age assurance is the ability to prove your age online WITHOUT disclosing your identity.  Our industry would not exist were there not the absolute need to preserve...