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No.  Third Party Age Verification is one form of age assurance. Our services typically work on an ‘attribute’ system where websites request confirmation of a particular user attribute (in this case age or age range) and we give a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. This method reduces the amount of personal data we need to collect you and may allow websites to take advantage of technological expertise and latest developments in the field.

Other forms of age assurance, according to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office, include:

  1. Self-declaration – This is where a user simply states their age but does not provide any evidence to confirm it.
  2. Artificial intelligence – It may be possible to make an estimate of a user’s age by using artificial intelligence to analyse the way in which the user interacts with a website.
  3. Self-declaration and AI – Similarly you could use this type of profiling to check that the way a user interacts with a website is consistent with their self-declared age
  4. Account holder confirmation – You may be able to rely upon confirmation of user age from an existing account holder who you know to be an adult.
  5. Hard identifiers – You can confirm age using solutions which link back to formal identify documents such as a passport.