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No.  Age Verification is one form of age assurance. It is generally associated with methods that verify age or age-range to a higher level of confidence that the alternatives.

Other forms of age assurance, according to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office, include:

  1. Self-declaration – This is where a user simply states their age but does not provide any evidence to confirm it.
  2. Artificial intelligence – It may be possible to make an estimate of a user’s age by using artificial intelligence to analyse the way in which the user interacts with a website.
  3. Self-declaration and AI – Similarly you could use this type of profiling to check that the way a user interacts with a website is consistent with their self-declared age
  4. Account holder confirmation – You may be able to rely upon confirmation of user age from an existing account holder who you know to be an adult.
  5. Hard identifiers – You can confirm age using solutions which link back to formal identify documents such as a passport.