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AVPA gives evidence to California state assembly committee hearing

April 19, 2024

We were privileged to give evidence to the California Assembly’s Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee, when it considered Assembly Bill 3080, sponsored by Assemblymember Juan Alanis.  The Bill will require age verification for adult websites.

We began with a two-minute opening statement.

Next we responded to questions from Assemblymember Dixon

We were then asked about how the age assurance industry has responded to criticisms made by in 2022 by the French data protection authority, the CNIL.  We explained that we have adapted to include the “double-blind” approach designed by the CNIL itself to overcome their own concerns.

When the committee voted, there were 9 votes in favour and none against.  With one absent member adding to the “aye” tally, the final vote was 10 v 0 in favour.

The Bill now proceeds to the Judiciary Committee on April 30th.


Privacy; a foundational concept for age verification

Privacy; a foundational concept for age verification

Perhaps the most frequent concern raised about age verification is a risk to privacy.  But the essence of age assurance is the ability to prove your age online WITHOUT disclosing your identity.  Our industry would not exist were there not the absolute need to preserve...