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Making the Internet “age-aware”

The AVPA is the global trade body for independent providers of privacy-protecting, standards-based,
age assurance technology.

Our objectives

Inform and educate the public, industry and media on age verification and age estimation solutions and technology.

Promote a positive image of privacy-preserving age assurance and the independent sector which delivers it.

Represent the industry to regulators and law makers for the advancement of best practice.

The tipping point

The Age Verification Providers Association is a not-for-profit global trade body representing 26 organisations who provide age assurance solutions (both age verification and age estimation), proportionate to the risk of harm.

We have reached a tipping point where all but the most innocuous of websites need to know the age – not the identity – of their users to remain compliant with a tsunami of new legislation, including:

  • Europe’s GDPR, Digital Services Act and Video Sharing Platform laws
  • Age Appropriate Design Codes in the UK, California and, coming soon, the EU
  • Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in the USA
  • Australia and the UK’s Online Safety Acts
  • India’s Digital Personal Data Protection Act 

The AVPA was formed in 2018 and is growing rapidly as the age and identity provider industry takes off.

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Our Members

Age Assurance – but what about the kids?

  Confirming the age of children under the age of 18 is becoming an increasingly important requirement around the world in Australia, the UK, the EU and many US states, particularly for restricting younger children’s access to social media.  Given children are...