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AVPA calls on Nadine Dorries to add pornography to the Online Safety Bill

February 7, 2022

The AVPA has today written to the Secretary of State for DCMS to urge her to include pornography on the face of the Online Safety Bill.

The call comes after announcements this weekend that new offenses were to be added to the Bill to ensure that Ofcom would be able to take action on them faster than if they were left to secondary legislation – a clear warning that if pornography is relegated to the list of Priority Harms that will not be created until after the Bill becomes law, children could be waiting years for protection from exposure to unsuitable adult content.

We also highlighted the importance of giving Ofcom the enforcement powers that can be used at scale to create a level playing field, not requiring separate court orders for every website that they need to tackle as there are over a million pornographic websites with hundreds created every day.

Read our letter below:

Letter to DCMS 7-2-2022
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