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Supercharge your customer journey

OneID® enables your business to deliver the highest standards of consumer experience, through convenience, simplicity and speed.

Delighting your customers.
Growing your business.


Streamline your onboarding process

Providing a frictionless process for you to onboard new customers.


Increase customer sign-ups

Dramatically reduce customer frustrations and increase sign-ups and checkout fulfilments.


Start the revolution today

Access OneID® through a simple and secure API call from your current web and app interfaces for easy, fast set-up.

Benefits & features

Revolutionise your customer experience with frictionless onboarding using OneID®.

With online retail growing at an unprecedented rate in the past year, the digital shift has brought a multitude of challenges for the retail industry.

OneID® enables a frictionless onboarding journey, providing secure and bank-validated customer identity information – dramatically simplifying customer sign-up, combating fraud, and reducing abandonment rates.