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US Legislation

The USA has had minimal legislaton at both the state and Federal level which requires age assurance.

The most longstanding is the federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration has intensified its focus on the way new vaping products are distributed to require highly effective age-restrictions.

There is less attention paid to age-restricted sales such as alcohol, with any protections usally relying on a limited number of delivery services which offer age checks at the point of delivery as part of their service.  Given the legal risks associated with providing alcohol to minors, this may not remain the situaiton for long.  Ultra-fast delivery services may drive this issue forward at pace, if they are found to be a weak spot in the supply chain.

There is debate about additional legislation too:

California Age Appropriate Design Code Act

  • This was passed unanimously by the House of Representatives and is now being considered by the Senate.

Federal data protection

Extending COPPA to 13-17 year-olds, and amending the definitions to extend liablity even if children do not disclose their age.

Other state laws, particularly in respect of pornography

  • Louisiana