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Method of Age Verification: Government Identity Documents, Credit Reference Agency, Credit Cards, Liveness Check

Sectors: Alcohol, Vaping & Tobacco, Offensive Weapons (knives, corrosive substances), Gambling & Gaming, Dating, Social Media, Pornography, Live Streaming, Non-profit e.g. child safety hotlines

Geography: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia

Audit Services: Can be used for testing other services

Physical Use Cases: Not Applicable

Age Assurance for Children: Not Applicable

Mobile Verify with Facial Comparison

Verify your customers age in realtime

W2 provide a one stop shop for identity verification, which enables us to facilitate age verification in a number of different ways. Each of the W2 age verification services can be used individually or as a combined service to improve match rates and customer acquisition. For example, the document verification service can be used to age verify customers that fail the electronic ID verification and also cover jurisdictions where electronic data is not available.

Age Verification

W2’s UK age verification (AV) validates when a person’s age is equal to or older than the specified age threshold set at time of configuration. This service will validate the name, address and date of birth provided against the data source (for example a credit reference agency) and when a match is made, the date of birth is checked against the specified age threshold and a true/false response is returned.

This allows for simple customisation of rulesets; for example, different age thresholds per product or country.

ID Verification for AV and DOB Confirmation

ID verification can be used to verify age in a multitude of countries. Date of birth thresholds can be set within the verification query to suit individual risk appetites. For example, with a higher risk appetite, a threshold can be set to return a pass response if only the year of birth is matched against the data source. This avoids problems caused by input errors. For example, if the month or day is entered incorrectly, or is misaligned in the data source.

With a lower risk appetite, a threshold can be set to only return a pass on date of birth when all three elements (day, month and year) are matched against the data source.

Document Verification

W2’s document verification allows for a cost-effective means of verifying Global ID documents on a per-document basis. A document can be uploaded and checked for validity and authenticity in real time or manually.

Document types accepted: Global Passports, Driving Licenses & National ID cards.

Document Verification with Facial Comparison

W2 document verification with facial comparison service electronically authenticates an image of a government issued ID document and confirms that the customer is the true holder of the document by utilising facial comparison technology. This service can be used to verify age in the same way as a standard document check, with the enhancement of:

  • inclusion of the name and date of birth in the response code – this is electronically read from the document using OCR techniques.
  • verifying the user is the true holder of the document by taking a ‘selfie’ of the holder and comparing with the image on the ID document.

The selfie includes a liveness check.