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Method of Age Verification: Mobile Phone Record

Sectors: Vaping & Tobacco, Offensive Weapons (knives, corrosive substances), Gambling & Gaming, Dating, Pornography, Live Streaming, Video gaming

Geography: Europe

Audit Services: Online content, Not Applicable

Physical Use Cases: Not Applicable

Age Assurance for Children: Not Applicable

VeriMe is a simple and secure online adult age verification (AV) solution using the mobile phone.

Unlike most other AV systems there are no cumbersome forms, no documents are required and the minimum personal details are divulged; all customers need is their mobile phone and verification can take place in a matter of moments.

Mobile verification can be integrated at any point in your consumer journey. Integration enables your website to become fully compliant with any UK regulatory requirement for proof of age (18+) for online product purchase or content access. As with all VeriMe verification products, clients have access to their own dedicated stats portal, where they can review detailed audit trail for the transactions triggered via their website.

VeriMe is a market leader in the field of online age verification; it is in regular contact with regulatory institutions, policy makers and security experts to ensure VeriMe meets the challenges of today’s online world. Our commercial team will answer any questions you may have about meeting compliance requirements in your market sector.

In addition to its speed and simplicity VeriMe is by far the most cost-effective Age Verification method on the market.