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Method of Age Verification: Government Identity Documents


Geography: North America

Audit Services: Not Applicable

Physical Use Cases:

Age Assurance for Children:

Rapid, Responsible
Age Verification

Shielding minors from restricted commerce is like threading a needle. It requires accurate verification and strict compliance with changing regulations. But without ruining the experience for users. Veratad’s AgeMatch℠ solution offers fast, frictionless age verification that helps protect you from compliance liability. All while maintaining clean verification records in the event of an audit.

Verify Age Anywhere in Seconds

AgeMatch’s advanced processing algorithm allows you to rapidly verify age against billions of records from multiple trusted data sources- all with global coverage that includes over 170 countries and 4.5 billion citizens worldwide. For organizations with stricter risk tolerances, Veratad can also offer enhanced age verification options such as:


For U.S. verifications we offer a proprietary privacy tool that prompts customers to verify their age and identity by completing a mathematical equation based on their SSN. By adding this flexibility to your transactions, we deliver the same trust that’s gained from receiving a full SSN while easing customer friction.

Demonstrate Full Compliance

Veratad’s API is COPPA and GDPR-compliant, ESRB-certified and designed to prevent underage access to age-restricted products. This helps you demonstrate the highest levels of compliance, due diligence and social responsibility to consumers, parents and law enforcement agencies.

Create Your Own (Approval) Rules

Veratad enables you to set your own verification rules based on your company’s needs and risk tolerance. Our implementation team guides you through setup to follow industry best practices for age verification solutions and escalations.