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Method of Age Verification: Government Identity Documents, Mobile Phone Record, Biometric Age Estimation, Credit Cards, Open Banking

Sectors: Alcohol, Vaping & Tobacco, Offensive Weapons (knives, corrosive substances), Gambling & Gaming, Dating, Social Media, Pornography, Kids apps, Video gaming

Geography: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia, Middle-East

Audit Services: Not Applicable

Physical Use Cases: Not Applicable

Age Assurance for Children: Social media / COPPA (13+), Other ages below 18

SafeShare is an advanced zero-knowledge age-verification service that easily integrates into age-restricted platforms to provide a secure and seamless flow for users. We empower platforms to comply with regulatory requirements by significantly reducing the friction and costs needed to verify users by offering a suite of digital identity providers for each user to verify their age with. Our product acts as an independent, third-party service that enables age-verification using a zero-knowledge cryptographic digital signature scheme that protects the private data of users. Our approach includes two main parties: the age-restricted platforms in need of age-verification for their users, and existing widely-used government or commercial online identity verification services. SafeShare is the middle man between these two parties – offering our services to the age-restricted platforms and utilizing the existing identity services to verify user ages – which provides users with a private, frictionless, interoperable, and cost-effective flow.