Current Region:


Method of Age Verification: Government Identity Documents, Liveness Check, Biometric Age Identity Verification

Sectors: Not applicable

Geography: North America, Europe, Australasia, Middle-East

Audit Services: Not Applicable

Physical Use Cases: Licensed premises, Over-the-counter sales, EPOS integration, Self Service tills, Vending machines, Gaming/Gambling Terminals, In-aisle purchase, Click & Collect lockers

Age Assurance for Children: Not Applicable

From making payments and verifying age, to accessing buildings and transport services, FinGo removes the need to rely on cards, documents or devices. All you need is your finger.

Our technology scans each person’s unique vein pattern – an internal biometric which cannot be traced or copied – making FinGo a more secure and inclusive way to navigate the world.

Whether you operate a bar, club, local convenience store or large supermarket, age verification presents a multitude of challenges for licensed establishments.

With FinGo, it’s easy. Our vein mapping technology enables you to instantly authenticate a person’s identity and age when selling age-restricted products or managing entry to the premises.

There’s no need for ID cards, documents or devices. FinGo reduces queue times and provides a frictionless customer experience.

  • Eliminate manual ID checks
  • Improve queuing and retail checkout times
  • Improve the customer experience