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Method of Age Verification: Government Identity Documents, Credit Reference Agency, Liveness Check

Sectors: Alcohol, Gambling & Gaming, Dating, Social Media, Pornography, Non-profit e.g. child safety hotlines

Geography: Europe

Audit Services: Retail test purchasing, Online content

Physical Use Cases: Licensed premises, EPOS integration, Self Service tills, Click & Collect lockers

Age Assurance for Children: Social media / COPPA (13+), Other ages below 18

Age verification tool for your business

Find our top-class technology helpful in securing your adult entertaiment, alcohol, tobacco and online content.

Ageware technology

Ageware is an age verification tool based on world-class biometric technology. It uses state-of-the-art image recognition and age verification algorithms, as well as multiple advanced neural networks to ensure that your webpage is accessed only by the right customer.

Protecting your business from moral and regulatory pitfalls has never been easier.

Ease of use

All it takes for a user to be age-verified is to take a selfie and our software does the rest. Ageware also has the ability to OCR most of the official IDs to ensure that anyone who can access your website truly can no matter how old or young they look. The average verification takes 5-10 seconds.

Safe & seamless integration

Installing Ageware is just a matter of inserting a few lines of code into your website. There is no extensive coding necessary. It is so simple that anyone can do it, however, our team of integration specialists stands by day and night to help you protect your website.

Prepare for new legislation

EU Audio Visual Services Media Directive (AVMSD) and the EU Digital Services act pose a severe difficulty for any business with age-restricted goods and content on the internet. We are working with world-renowned law firms to make sure Ageware is always up-to-date on all legislation and ready to protect your business. Full privacy and GDPR compliance are of course guaranteed.

Get qualified clients

Make sure that your website visitors are truly old enough to enter your website and purchase your goods, services, or content. Ageware uses sophisticated and certified spoofing prevention tools, so you can stay fully compliant with payment processors’ age-related rules and regulations.

3 way safety

Protect children from potentially damaging experiences, parents from having to worry about them, and your business from potential legal repercussions. It is paramount to us that the information of the user will never be available to the website operator, ensuring absolute privacy, while effectively restricting access only to appropriate audiences and full GDPR compliance.