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Method of Age Verification: Government Identity Documents, Biometric Age Estimation, Credit Cards, Physical Check, Liveness Check

Sectors: Alcohol, Vaping & Tobacco, Offensive Weapons (knives, corrosive substances), Gambling & Gaming, Dating, Social Media, Pornography, Mastercard AN5196, Live Streaming, Video gaming

Geography: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia, Middle-East

Audit Services: Can be used for testing other services

Physical Use Cases: Over-the-counter sales, Vending machines, Click & Collect lockers

Age Assurance for Children: Younger Children (<13), Other ages below 18, Parental Consent

We protect your business by letting you know the age of your customers.

AGEify is a solution allowing websites offering age-sensitive content, products or services to ensure that their visitors and online customers are verified adults. It comes to replace existing solutions where online users can access any website by arbitrarily entering their date of birth, therefore protecting kids from accessing such websites and at the same time helping the owners of these websites to comply with existing regulations.

Simple – Accurate – Fast – Anonymous

Flexible and scalable
Multiple age verification methods allow you to set the most appropriate confidence level for your business and allow your customers to select among many options

Guaranteed anonymity
By protecting the anonymity of your customers, we help them feel more relaxed and ensure compliance with privacy-protection regulations (GDPR, CCPA, etc.)

Global law compliance
You can rest assured that the age limits that we set for you are compliant with any laws that govern your business (state, national, international)

Wide applicability
Whether you want to protect age-sensitive areas of your website or to better control the age of your customers in physical stores, we’ve got you covered

Fast and accurate
Our AI-powered facial analysis solution can effectively and precisely verify the age of more than 95% of your customers in only a few seconds

An innovative age verification solution in your hands

AGEify co-operates via a mutually fruitful way with a rapidly evolving network of affiliate organizations (banks, insurance companies, telecom operators etc.) in order to verify the actual age of the visitors of a website or a place, without asking or revealing any other personal information.

AGEify can also be used in-store, to allow your customers to prove their age without having to reveal their identity by showing an ID or a passport. On top of that, our solution can be easily integrated with your existing systems, so that an age-verification proof code can be automatically printed on the customer’s receipt. This way, no auditor can question the age-control process inside your stores.